Website Copy

Your website is your virtual storefront. 

Think of your copy as your salesperson’s friendly smile, greeting your customer as they walk through the door.

Why It Matters


Organic Leads

The right SEO strategy brings in quality leads without spending a ton in advertising!


First Impressions

It doesn't matter how pretty your images are, flat copy can kill a first impression in seconds.


Establish Credibility

More than just a portfolio - a website shows potential clients how amazing you are.

Want to know what some of the worst advice I’ve ever been given by a ‘professional’ was?

It was a web designer and she was redesigning my photography site (not the one currently online). While the design itself was beautiful, there were very few words on the page.  It didn’t even say I was a wedding photographer. 

When I asked her about this she told me. “We want the design and photos to show what you do. We don’t need words. And it doesn’t matter for SEO.”


At the time, I blindly believed her and, ironically enough, even paid her extra for doing SEO on my site…. and it did absolutely nothing for me. I got zero traction in Google. 

Hands down. Worst advice ever. 

Fast forward 5 years. I had just started really diving into copywriting and it didn’t take long for me to see why I wasn’t moving up in the Google-food chain.

So I went in and added a ton of SEO-focused copy on my home page. 

SEO matters. There is a whole strategy behind SEO and website copy that will take you from sad and lonely on page 12 to kicking-ass on page 1.

Your website copy is important too. It not only helps with SEO but it is what engages and connects with potential clients.

The Secret Sauce

My Simple 5 Step Process to Web Copy That Is Authentically You

1. Brainstorm Session

Together we will brainstorm your brand, your service, and who you think your ideal client is. I will learn what you are passionate about within your business and exactly how you want to be seen. I will also send over some questionnaires to help get some solid concrete words and ideas that you use.

2. Research Time

More important than the actual writing, this is when I dive deep into your industry—your competitors, your clients (and their problems), and some SEO strategies to get you skyrocketing in Google’s favor.

3. Outline

Remember those outlines your middle school English teacher made you do? Yay… I kinda loved those (cool was never my forte). But seriously, outlines are the best way to make sure we are heading in the right direction without wasting too much time. 

4. First Draft

After you approve the outline, its time to get the words-a-flowing.

5. Editing Phase

I want you to be 100% happy with your copy so I offer unlimited editing within a 1 week time.  We can go back and forth 3 times or 30. Doesn’t matter to me! 


All of my work is done on a project-by-project basis.  Full website copy starts at $2500.

Bundled rates are available!