EMail Marketing - Made Easy

Email marketing is as alive as it has ever been.

You know you need to take control of your share of the market.

There are two basic kinds of emails

Email newsletters which are weekly or bi-weekly newsletters that go out to your audience. They entertain or educate, depending on what you promised them, and, most importantly, they keep you in their line of vision.

Sales emails are usually designed to be a part of a sales funnel for a specific product or service. I also put welcome emails into this category because your welcome sequence plays a HUGE role in getting your audience primed to hear from you.

Did you Know~

I can setup and create your email funnels for you?

Stick with your area of genius. 

Let me handle the behind the scenes work.

From creating the email templates to managing the funnels, I’ve got you and your audience covered. 

Why you should have an email newsletter


All the cool kids have one

No, but seriously, there is a reason every major entrepreneur has an email list - because they work..


You Build Loyalty

Whether you are sharing about your life or your work, emails are a great way to build loyalty with your audience, giving them insight into your world.


You are prepared

For when Instagram (or any social media) changes... becasue it will.

What Do you Write ABout in EmailS?

What do you NOT write about? 

Seriously though, sales emails are drafted with one goal in mind (to get people to buy) but email newsletters often an endless array of subjects. 

We can write about: 

  • your most recent blog
  • a recent event you attended
  • a personal life event that you feel it is important to share
  • a podcast you were on (or that you host)
  • ramblings about life
  •  tips and advice for your audience
There is really no shortage of topics we can cover in your newsletter… you just have to make it sure it lives up to whatever you promised when your audience signed up. 

The goal is simple – keep your audience engaged and invested. 


The EXcellent Email

My Simple 5 Step Process to a Blogs That Work

1. Brainstorm Session

Here we will determine 

2. COntent plans

Initially I will create a 3 month blog + keyword plan (moving to 6 month plans after the first 3 months) for you to approve.

3. Your Input

I create a Google Drive folder for each month and blog where you can put in images and relevant information (like vendors, etc). You can also record a voice memo through Cloud Audio Recorder for Google or Marco Polo with information about what you want me to say for each blog. 

I need all of this information a week before the beginning of its publication month.  

4. I Write

I write and you… well, you do whatever you want to do. You can focus on other work, play with your kid more, or just read a book. 

But what you don’t have to do? 

Worry about blogs anymore.


Email newsletters start at $50 an email, in bundles of 4 per month. In most cases, email newsletters are bundled with other services. 

Targeted sales email funnels start at $500 for a 5 emails series.