Exciting Things ARe Coming

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    You have a great idea for a course or coaching. 

    But the idea of actually launching it is more intimidating than the thought of sitting next to Regé-Jean Page on an airplane. (And doesn’t that thought just make you start to sweat.)

    You, my new friend,  need a launch specialist.

    How a launch specialist helps


    Plan & organize

    Don't just guess. Have a plan that is organized and proven to be successful!



    Thats right! Having a writer create your copy just gets you one step closer to success.



    Focus on what you do best—which is creating the content or planning the coaching!

    Breakdown of Whats Included

    Every launch is different and I do customize every package, but here is an overview of what is generally included:

    1 Sales Page (or 2 if you want to do A/B testing)

    10 Email Sales Funnel + 3 variations for different specific freebies or calls to action

    2 Freebies – you give me the ideas, I’ll write the content (Copy only, no design)

    10 social media posts per month for 3 months leading up to launch

    2 audience surveys for you to post on your channel of preference – whether it be Instagram, Facebook, your website, etc. 

    1 Evergreen Ad (with A/B Testing)

    1 Freebie Ad

    Copy for the following: thank you pages, thank you email for subscribers, thank you email for purchases, waitlist email, testimonial request email, cart open copy, cart closed copy

    My personalized launch plan with dates and strategies.


    The Secret Sauce

    My Simple 5 Step Process to a Stress-Free Launch

    1. Brainstorm Session

    Together we will brainstorm your brand, your offer, and who you think your ideal client is. I will learn what you are passionate about within your business and exactly how you want to be seen. I will also send over some questionnaires to help get some solid concrete words and ideas that you use and to also gain access to everything you have created so far.

    2. Plan it out

    No more feeling unsure of the next step to take. 

    Here is where I will create a detailed plan of your launch, complete with dates and all the specifics. 

    3. Research

    Let’s dive deep! 

    From your competitors to your audience, I will look at whats already been done (and how), what problems your audience has, and what they are saying about these problems online. This creates the framework for how we will approach the marketing of your offer and how it relates to your future buyers! 

    4. Get Started

    This is a marathon, not a sprint. I’m in it with you for the long-haul. I work with you through the process, making changes as necessary, and not working too far ahead in order to assure we are relating in the best possible way to your audience.


    Launch packages start at $5000. 

    Have a great startup idea but lack the funds? Hit me up, I offer an option to pay me in a percentage of sales instead of a set fee (limit 1 per year). 

    Do you just need a sales page?  I do those too!  Check it out!