You know you need to blog…

but it’s such a pain in the ass.

WHy blogs are important


Powerful SEO

Blogs can unlock a powerful SEO magic that can bring hundreds of leads to your site without paying for advertising.


Shows Relevance

The About page and the Blog page are the two most frequented pages of a website (after the home page). Abandoned blogs makes it look like you are not working.


Google Loves Blogs

Not only can blogs help build your ranking for keywords but Google notices when you are blogging regularly and is more likely to raise you up in their ranks.

Ideas on what to blog

The biggest fear I hear from people is that they do not know what to blog about. 

I promise you have SO much more to say than you realize.

When I am creating content plans, I look for the following: 

1 – What knowledge can you share? If you are a photographer, share tips on clothing choices, location choices, etc. Share your expertise, it will only make people more willing to hire you.

2 – Share about wedding or events that you have been a vendor with. This is pretty obvious but most people just throw up some pictures and a few words, and call it good. 

This doesn’t help. You need to approach your blogs strategically and within Google guidelines.  

3 – Any podcasts you have done (or if it you HAVE a podcast you should be blogging on this with every episode), awards you have won, or events you have attended. 

4 – Blog about your “things”.  We all have our things that we are known for outside of our industry – hobbies, our kids, etc.  These things are what have created your audience. Why not blog about these too? It will just bring more people to your site. 

There is a lot more (coming soon) over on the my blog about blogs (say that 5 times fast). 

Blogging Brilliance

My Simple 5 Step Process to a Blogs That Work

1. Brainstorm Session

We will meet for an initial discussion to talk about

your goals

who you want to attract

your current blogging strategy

any ideas you have for blogs

and what kind of publishing strategy will work best for you

2. COntent plans

Initially I will create a 3 month blog + keyword plan (moving to 6 month plans after the first 3 months) for you to approve.

3. Your Input

I create a Google Drive folder for each month and blog where you can put in images and relevant information (like vendors, etc). You can also record a voice memo through Cloud Audio Recorder for Google or Marco Polo with information about what you want me to say for each blog. 

I need all of this information a week before the beginning of its publication month.  

4. I Write

I write and you… well, you do whatever you want to do. You can focus on other work, play with your kid more, or just read a book. 

But what you don’t have to do? 

Worry about blogs anymore.


Blogging Bundles start at $400 for 2 blogs/$750 for 4 per month

My most popular bundle is The Writing Wizard – 

4 blogs, 4 email newsletters, and 8 social media post for $1000.